Annual Thanksgiving Craft III: Honeycomb Ornaments

how beautiful!

Big A, Little A

In keeping with our cherished family tradition, after a dinner of turkey and yummy trimmings, we gathered ’round the table for our annual holiday craft.  This year, I planned an easy version of the popular, old-fashioned, honeycomb paper ornaments.  With pre-cut 4″ squares of holiday scrapbook paper in hand, each person began the process of tracing, cutting and folding 18 pieces:

My inspiration came from a blog called House Revivals where, instead of scrapbook paper, she used the pages of old books to create her ornaments.  So pretty!  I followed her tutorial, but kept the shape relatively simple.  I traced an oval, cut it in half, and had my family use that as a template.  Instead of 24 pieces, I opted for 18 and, in the interest of speeding up the process, I gave everyone a glue stick to assemble their stack, which seemed to work out just fine.

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